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"Simple 2 Page System Gets Us IMMEDIATE Profits Without All The Rehashed Methods, No Social Media, No FB, No Waiting & No Hosting!”

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Allow Your Customers To BANK BIG With This Proven Method Which Generated $3600+ from 661 Opt-ins From “Freebie Seekers” In Just ONE Of Our Trials.

This System Includes TWO Software Modules
AND An Information Course

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  • Create and deploy Auto Profit Systems within minutes
  • Monetize Free & Paid traffic
  • Create Squeeze Pages & Auto Profit System Pages Within Minutes
  • Simple To Use
  • Proven formula and used by various people with testimonials!
  • TWO modules of software
  • Information/Case study/Methodology Course
  • Build Leads
  • Make Sales From “Freebie Seekers”

Launch Information

Great Reasons to Jump on Board
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What is The Auto Profit System?

Three Words! “List Building PROFITS”

The Auto Profit System a VERY simple method, ANYONE can pretty much put this into action, regardless of technical ability or age!

The APS requires VERY little knowledge and technical ability overall... The hard works done for the user by the software, combined with the information provided of the method, they CAN’T go wrong.

So overall, it’s PERFECT for anyone to build their subscriber base & generate an income by giving FREE stuff away to people!

This method turns freebie seekers into cold, hard, cash!

The process ultimately centres on list building, more importantly a way in which you can monetize the list building process IMMEDIATELY rather than waiting.

The Auto Profit System Centres on VERY Basic elements!

Firstly, the user will need a free gift to give away, and build a squeeze page. (We provide it, along with a way to create simple, clean squeeze pages)

Secondly, Find a relevant offer to the free gift! We teach

Thirdly, An APS Page which is essentially an auto redirect page that has the information of where their free-gift will go, a thank you message and a countdown timer.

This does a variety of things... It gives the leads an expectation... They know where their gift is going to!

Many people send directly to a sales page! And it annoys the prospect as they feel mislead and think: “WHERE THE HECK IS MY GIFT?!” It loses credibility as people feel misled into landing on a sales page!

The page tells them where their gift is going to be sent (Shows we deliver on our promise) and allows us to presell them!

The Countdown timer is there to let people know that somethings happening and sparks intrigue “What’s coming next!?”

The page is our chance to show people that there’s something of relevance on the next page that people can see! (Our affiliate offer OR own product)

Then when the countdown timer hits 0 out of 3,5 & 10 seconds we redirect to our affiliate link OR our sales page! AND BOOM!

HOW IT WORKS? (2 Page System Overview)


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FE @ 50% - $9.95:

  • The APS Video Training/ eBook
  • APS video training/Ebook
  • Rolodex
  • APS Page Builder
  • Connector plugin that uploads their pages to WP
  • Bonus #1 - Video element - Enable them to convey their messages via video
  • Bonus #2 - Premade videos

OTO1 @ 50% - $27

  • The APS Super Simple Squeeze Page Builder Software
  • 10 templates & Giveaways
  • The Auto Profit System Solo Ad Mastery Guide
  • The APS Follow up Email Sequence

OTO2 @ 50% - $27p,m

  • CaptiPic The ULTIMATE Image Personalisation Tool For Emails & Websites!
  • Capitpic is a saas platform that allows you to personlaise images inside websites AND emails you send out.
  • People can personalise their APS pages/Delivery pages and MORE to create a unique experience and give a "wow" factor like no other!

OTO3 @ 50% - $67

  • Reseller License - Get 100% commissions selling APS
  • Done-For-You system to promote APS
  • 30 day proven email follow up series

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I’ve found something that has been used secretly by the biggest list builders online.
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They’d figured a way to monetize traffic from anywhere on the planet by giving
away FREE stuff…

An ebook, a course… You name it… If it’s something you’d like to give away for free..
you’ll be able to monetize the people coming to get it! IN ANY NICHE!

You see when building your lists giving away a free gift the smartest way to make money
is by offering an OTO aka A “one time offer” – But you need to do it in a way that doesn’t
annoy or confuse them.

This is where the Auto Profit System comes in to play!

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I’m talking about simplicity, ease… and results getting.

I’ll share some of the quotes from the system that people used and ran away with never sharing the method!

One newbie marketer said: “Since deploying the software tool on Saturday I have had 8 new subscribers to my giveaway and 2 of those bought my product at $37.00 each

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Build. Drive. Automate.
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Build, Drive, Automate.

That’s how simple it is for you to make profits starting TODAY
Using a special 2 page system called APS WITHOUT all the rehashed, outdated & expensive methods out there.

NO SEO, No social media, NO FB ads, no blogging, NO funnels, NO hosting even!

It’s a very special one of a kind system and it’s going to get you
Profits and build you HUGE buyer lists like NEVER before:


The creators of this system have been KILLING it in 2017 while
Everyone else was still stuck on the old and rehashed methods.

For example, this one campaign which lasted just over a week has generated $2,616 in CLEAN profit while building a list of 661 targeted subscribers getting a 90% CLICKTHROUGH RATE to ANY offer.

It’s absolutely insane.

Or another one which lasted a day and generated $400 commissions and the spend on traffic was only $60.

One again, every campaign is a winner with this system, and you don’t need funnels
Or even hosting.

Or a product.

They’re taking care of EVERYTHING for you.

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2017 was such a s*** year..


Not for me, of course, I’ve been killing it.

(Sit down, be humble..)

A few friends of mine surveyed their lists and found out that
2017 was the WORST year to make money online for newbies
AND for advanced marketers.


Because of all the rehashed systems and methods out there with outdated, irelevant info.
BECAUSE the cost of FB ads is becoming Insane.
Because free traffic methods are low quality.
Because SEO is taking longer and longer to work.
Because social media traffic DOESN’T wanna buy your stuff.

And many other reasons..

But the same guys have been KILLING it in 2017.

Making THOUSANDS a month with a VERY unique system that doesn’t require ANY seo, NO fb ads, NO social media, NO funnels & even NO hosting!

It’s absolutely insane how different it is from what everyone else is teaching,
And they’re killing it!

But this email isn’t about bragging how my friends are killing it..

It’s about telling you that they’ve created a step by step system AND a software to help
You make the amount of money they’re making and DUPLICATE their process.

And they’re giving it to you for DAMN NEAR FREE here:

I was blown away when I saw how different it is.

And yes, they share their ENTIRE process plus how to automate it.
Very cool.

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We have got your back...!

And some of our old Launch Track Record!

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